Patent Application And Infringement Protection

A company's patent portfolio can be one of its biggest assets. Patents can be versatile and allow companies to exclude others from practicing or making use of their invention.

For example, a patent can potentially allow your company to raise barriers to entry for its competition, provide a source of licensing revenue or provide a counter punch to any threats of infringement by other patent owners.

Furthermore, a robust patent portfolio may be desirable for funding purposes or exit strategies.

There Are Generally Two Types Of Patents

  1. Utility patents cover new processes, machines, articles of manufacture and compositions of matter.
  2. Design patents cover ornamental design for an article of manufacture.

Before deciding to file a patent application, the invention should be captured through an invention disclosure, and it may be desirable to perform a prior art search to determine the novelty and originality of the invention.

Our team can assist you with the invention disclosure process and conducting prior art searches. We will also advise you of potential issues with the prior art.

Once you decide to proceed with a patent application, your attorney will assist in preparing and filing the patent application.

For utility patent applications, a determination should also be made whether to file a utility patent application or a provisional patent application, which can be converted into a utility patent application. Provisional patent applications must be converted into a utility patent application within a year, but have fewer formal requirements and are thus less expensive. We will assist you in evaluating your unique circumstances and making this determination.

We can be your go-to advisers and legal counsel in all matters related to your intellectual property, including patent litigation, should disputes arise. We have extensive experience in matters related to patents such as licensing and drafting freedom to operate opinions, noninfringement opinions and invalidity opinions.

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